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Praise Reports

"Good morning my beautiful sis.  The book Grapes From Devine Fruit from Heaven. By Donna Knight. It's very refreshing to a thirsty soul. This 52-week devotional will help you get a closer understanding of your relationship with God. Week 35: Baby ,I got you Baby! Will help you to know our Heavenly Father always got us. Thank you Donna Knight for a very inspiring Action packed devotional. Thank you so  much sis It's  totally awesome  Love you."
Julia S, Denver, Colorado
"Amen, thanks for that beautiful prayer. I know we touched heaven. I got a good report on Kim getting off ventilator now we can wait for her to talk after some of that fluid comes off the brain. I also shared with the sister. Then she will go to rehabilitation center. I  am waiting for referral for my B6 being to high. Thanks also to you again. Love you
From Angela S., Long Beach CA